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Re: Shania MITB?

Originally posted by bopsi
Hi Mike!!

I admire you work right now listening to Shania's latest three albums. I read threads about your MITB and I wonder if you did that for Shania too or have you summed all that unbelieveable number of tracks with SSL?

Thanks for your time
Just to clarify, the breakthrough album for Shania, which had "Any Man of Mine" on it, was mixed by Lynn Petersall (sp?), who passed away during the making of the second album, which I believe Mike mixed (as well as the third). I know that Mike would never claim responsibility for anything he hadn't mixed, but I thought I'd beat him to it here to clear it up. And by the way, the Shania records, and Mutt's stuff in general, are absolutely brilliant to me. I don't care how long he spends, or to what lengths he goes to to achieve what he does. It is simply amazing record production to me.

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