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Smile Always only promote YOUR site. Your own domain name.

Always only promote YOUR site. Your own domain name.

Then on your site you can have "CLICK HERE TO BUY IT" links that go to iTunes for digital, and CD Baby or Amazon for physical.

Never say, "Go find us on iTunes". That's like telling someone to call 411 to get your number instead of just giving it to them. The day you're up and selling on iTunes, we send you the exact link that jumps to your album's page there, so it's best to use that from your site.

Make sure your site has that little "who are you?" form box at the top of every page, asking for their name and email, so you can keep in touch, and develop a long ongoing relationship with that person.

Can't do that by just telling them to "go to iTunes". Definitely keep them on your site.

P.S. Yes we have a full-time promotion guy : [email protected] - as mentioned in another topic here, email him specifics about your music, facts he can use to communicate to our retail partners, not just opinions.