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Does CD Baby have a promotion arm?

We are just about to send out our product to you guys, we are ordering about 2000 cd's, they'll be sold in a few months. We'll move about 10,000 at first (year or so). We know this from past experience. Our online game is just starting, and we are really stuck on how to promote the CD Baby site. Or should we be promoting iTunes?

Is it better, from your past experience to promote the artist website, the internet distributor website, or a certain store website. OR throw money at google (he sais blindly) or something?

We don't have a HUGE budget, but we do have over 20k (our own money) to try to get this project over the hump. We really want to sell over 40, 50k this time. We are in Colorado, we have a street team, phone team, sales people (2), but we Don't have a publicist, signed agent, or a B&M distributor like on our last record, which we lost at least 10 grand on!

Any suggestions?

BTW the artist is Black Pegasus, "The Black Mexican". The album is the best one I worked on in 20 years!!!