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Old 29th November 2007

Hi all.

So first of all, now that this forum is wrapping up I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your time. This was a great and informative round-table. Thanks!

Alright.... I don't think this is possible to really answer so I am not looking for exact numbers or anything.. I am just wondering as a round ballpark.

Let's say for example you have artist associated with your different companies. The artist has a medium amount of talent, good songs, not The Beatles but not some 10 year old on their first instrument.

This artist is going to put a medium amount of time into "promotion." Not spending all day signing up friends on MySpace or hanging flyer's around town but they take an active hand in getting their work out to be heard. They play a few shows a month or less as weekend warriors but they are not out on any national tours.

In short, I would expect this to be pretty standard fare for most of the artists that use your collective services.

What is a realistic number of units and net profit an "average" artist would expect from your services?