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Originally Posted by TheArchitect ➡️
Exactly how does raising prices make for a much more satisfied customer?
More capital (meaning more time, attention, care and energy) is brought to bear on more profitable products. Right now there's no economic incentive to make better music if in doing so an artist limits their market.

Meaning that there's no incentive to make music for any demographic except the 18-34s, who are very well supplied.

In my opinion, there's almost no price variation. The hit of the year is .99 (.88 at WalMart or wherever) and a D-side flop from a washed up band is .99 as well. If the only way to make money in cars was to sell more, we'd have no Lexuses, no hybrids, no Lamborghinis, and no Ferraris..

Or, in real Gearslutz terms: if there was no price variation in mics or pres--and the only price point was a break even price for the largest manufacturers--we'd have only Berringer and Tascam pres and Audix mics.

The only other gear that would exist would have been created by people who had enough time and money to design it, make it, and bring it to market at a massive loss.