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Smile R&B / Soul artists sell the most in Japan

Originally Posted by timmcallister ➡️
Most of the CDs I sell on CDBaby are to Europe.
Heh... that's cool. R&B / Soul artists sell the most in Japan.

I got an email from an artist in Atlanta yesterday saying, "I think something with your site is broken. Only Japan is able to buy my CD."

I looked at her sales history, and sho'nuff, she had about 35 sales and 34 of them were to Japan. (There was 1 to Germany. The site was not broken. Though it was cute that she thought so.)

She has no connections to Japan at all, doing no promotion there, but her kind of music (classic 70's style R&B soul) is very popular there, and word had gotten around.

I love this internet thing, man. heh