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"On-the-fly encoding" was offered more than 2 years ago by that controversial Russian digital download webstore(it's name starts with "A").

Instead of learning from all the aspects that made that store so successful, the (western) labels decided to sue them.

That store was everything that a music consumer wanted, the only destination that addressed almost all reasons that a music listener had for turning to filesharing. IMO they were the only online store that had a solid enough value proposition to become a real alternative to illegal sources of content acquisition.

Sorry for going off topic heh

gotpop: Why would you want to sell manufactured CDs? If I were you I would take up Lambcast CDS. Let your listeners burn their own CDs. Then offer to sell a beautifully printed booklet. This way you can keep the price of your music, the primary product, low (you don't have to pay for CD manufacture, packaging, storage, shipping and distribution costs so you can price your virtual CD at a really attractive price). Then you offer the booklet as a secondary product to those fans who want a deeper personal connection with you, just like selling T-shirts. They can rip and share your music, but they can't rip and share a non-digitizable (well scanning and printing the booklet degrades the value significantly) merchandise. Just my thought heh