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Peter Wells, SVP Operations, Customer Advocate - Tunecore
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Absolutely, Empty Planet. TuneCore has been international from inception. I felt one of the most exciting parts of our business was the factt that it's all online--no need to mail anything. It's a big deal when someone from Italy or Japan or New Zealand has to box up a bunch of discs and trust them to International mail or some expensive delivery service. I think it accounts for why so many of our customers are from beyond the U.S.

And those customers want to be seen and heard not just in U.S. markets. That's why we reach out globally wherever possible, including informing folks about how placement in international stores works. Just one example: iTunes Latino.

Did you know you have to have at least one of your two genres set to "Latin" to be included in iTunes Latino? Did you know that if you set both of them to "Latin" the album is eligible for feature on iTunes Latino, but NOT if you only select the second one? The more we can inform our customers and the entire music-producing world how the "selling end" is evolving, the better for all.

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