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Smile about 1-2 cents per person per listen

Originally Posted by ericzang ➡️
Do subscription services such as Rhapsody pay the artist when the tracks are streamed?
Yep! That's what the subscription fees are for : to pay the labels/distributors/artists for the permission to stream the music.

Rhapsody, Napster, MusicNet/Yahoo, etc : they all pay about 1-2 cents per person per listen. (A person listens to your song 10 times, you get paid 10-20 cents. Your song is played on a streaming station that 1000 people are listening to, you get paid $10-20.)

Where it gets interesting is in transferring songs to portable devices:

My Sansa Connect connects to my Yahoo Music account over wifi, and I can download songs or albums anytime. Say I listen to, then transfer your song to my device. Then I go offline, and while walking around the city or on a plane or at the beach, listen to your song 10 times. Next time I go online, the device reports back to Yahoo that I listened 10 times while offline, and you get paid for each time I listened.

I really enjoyed this past summer walking around London for a few months, with my little device recommending music to me all the time, knowing that each new artist I was checking out was getting paid just for me checking them out. I was able to say "Sure - why not?" to everything they recommended, since it cost me nothing but my subscription, yet the artists (ok, well, their labels) all got paid.

Sorry - I swear I'm not working for Sansa or Yahoo. Just had an educating summer of music discovery with this little thing, and it was an interesting new way of thinking about a music collection (or lack thereof).