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Smile have a niche

Originally Posted by TREMORS ➡️
How inter-related are the hostbaby and cdbaby?
Quite close. Same servers. Same building. Adding more interchangable services between them soon. As of now, you can log in to HostBaby and tell it to transfer all your audio files (FLAC masters) from CD Baby's servers into your private HostBaby account.

Originally Posted by TREMORS ➡️
mainly I want to engineer other artists, possibly produce. Maybe start a small indie label.
Cool. I think people would appreciate that, especially if it's your passion.

My main advice there is to have a niche. Instead of being just another studio in Tennessee, be a specialist at something, whether a certain instrument like drums, a certain kind of music like jazz, or perhaps a even a certain environment like a serene place with buddhas at the entrance. Whatever is your forté, emphasize it, and be known for something specific instead of just another general studio. People recommend specialists more then generalists.

Originally Posted by TREMORS ➡️
Can I have a site that offers my modest recording services, but also the potential to link to and buy from CDbaby my own CD, or other artist's work that I engineer or distribute? And, secondly, is this a viable approach, or too many performers under one circus tent? ie, am I confusing the issue by encompassing too many things?
You CAN do anything you want, but my advice would be to keep them separate.

Set up a domain-name account at HostBaby for your studio, for example, but then you can have a "subdomain" inside of it, like a folder inside of it that's just for your music, your artist-site. Then we can make a free alias so that... goes to your studio/production site goes to your artist site

Artists considering hiring you to produce their record might be confused if they got to a site that was promoting you as an artist.

But it'd be pretty cool if, say, on your production site there was a "list of clients" that ended with "me!" and a link to your music if people wanted to check it out. Maybe the sound you got on your own music is what will make them want to hire you to do theirs.

Anyway - the cool thing about HostBaby is its run by 5 musicians who are great at talking you through this stuff to make sure you get the most effective site for whatever your goals are. Email [email protected] with any questions. Ask for Michele if she's around, but Stacy, Chad, or Matt can help too.