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For Derek, RE:hostbaby

I realize this might be a bit off topic. Moderators feel free to delete..

Question is: How inter-related are the hostbaby and cdbaby?

I was searching for a reliable host for an audio recording, music page beyond the myspace thing. With you taking the time here at gearslutz and the success of CDbaby, I trust you in this department. And, my name is also Derek

Without getting too long winded as to why,I am attempted to do a very DIY approach for my music dreams. There is no studio within 50 miles, and my attempt at a Nashville move has been complicated by the declining health of my parents, who i live close to. So, it's out of necessity, in a sense, rather than a desire to wear so many hats.

I make some songs. But, mainly I want to engineer other artists, possibly produce. Maybe start a small indie label. Im confident in my skill, aware of my need for more experience, and smart enough to know I cant do it all alone.

Without attempting too much, I guess I wonder: Can I have a site that offers my modest recording services, but also the potential to link to and buy from CDbaby my own CD, or other artist's work that I engineer or distribute? And, secondly, is this a viable approach, or too many performers under one circus tent? ie, am I confusing the issue by encompassing too many things?

Just curious about your thoughts.