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Originally Posted by Derek Sivers ➡️

If you ever want a break from snowy Winnipeg, come to rainy Portland and visit CD Baby for a day.

We sell over 2000 albums a day, but the interesting part is that over 1000 of those sales a day are people "just browsing" the site, buying music they hadn't heard of a few minutes earlier.

That's the part that gets me bouncing out of bed in the morning, finding ways to increase that.
I don't think that I have 1 artist that has signed up with CDBaby that hasn't sold at least 1 cd. Most have sold more. Our local music store actually has a clicker to count how many people are coming in to see if it's worth keeping certain hours. This is probably not an isolated trend!

All you have to do is have a teenager around. Ask them if they want a CD player or a iPod? I rest my case.