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Smile how much do the downloaders/buyers care about audio quality

Originally Posted by andychamp ➡️
how much do the downloaders/buyers care about audio quality? what is their favorite format/resolution/bitrate? How much does pricing influence this decision?
Be careful when you find yourself thinking of "buyers" or "they".

Instead, think of each of your fans.

How much does Tracy care about audio quality?
What is Camille's favorite format?
How about Brian?
What bitrate does Amber prefer?

The answer, of course, is that some care, some don't, some want choice, some want you to tell them what to do.

The lovely thing about this electronic world is that you don't have to manufacture more of one thing or decide in advance how many of a product to ship to Chicago.

Give choices, so that people can decide.

And provide a preference for those that want you to choose for them.

It's an artistic decision on your part, same as the choices you make while recording. Even, perhaps, deciding NOT to give them a choice would be your artistic decision (providing WAV-only), if you want your fellow audiophiles would applaud you.

It's wrongly simplistic to only think of "them".

(This applies to communicating with your fans, too. When you write an email to your list, don't write it to "them", write it to Amber, Brian, Camille, David, etc.)