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Smile We take care of it. It's part of our job.

Originally Posted by illynoise ➡️
what if you put an album up with a company, then you wanted to take the album down
Yep. Just tell us. We take care of it. It's part of our job.

You should know, though, that it's not something to be done lightly.

We have to send a legal takedown notice to every company who is selling it, and they have to have someone go in and remove it everywhere.

Since CD Baby sends everything to over 100 companies by default (see CD Baby: Partner Companies) that means 100 different people around the world going to work on this.

So - it's easy for you to just tell us to do it, but since it's not an automated process on their end, for the most part, it's not something you'd want to do whimsically. You have to make sure you really really want it removed from all distribution.