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Ok, I know that these blogs are not supposed to be promotional pulpits for us CEO's but I HAVE to chime in on this for the simple reason that it does the artist community a HUGE disservice to create the impression that there are only one or two worthwhile platforms for getting your product to market. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE what Tunecore and CDbaby have done - so much so that I spent the last 4 years developing a direct-to-fan sales platform that incorporates the best of what they do with some added features to make it stupidly simple for any artist to sell any type of product to their fans, from virtually any website.

So, for the record: nimbit provides iTunes distribution and physical CD sales. We take no commission on your iTunes sales, and our commission on your CD is less than $2 on a $10 disc. Furthermore, you can sell MP3 tracks, MP3 albums, T-shirts and merchandise of any kind, AND you can sell tickets to your shows all from the same storefront tool, the Online Merch Table. You can place your storefront on your website, Myspace, Facebook and any other site you have permission to post to. All this is managed from ONE account, not two or three.

I could go on about the marketing tools and other services we wrap around our tools, believe me, but I'll simply suggest that you go to our site at nimbit and compare the options for yourself. It's a free market and the only way artists are going to make informed decisions is if they know what all the choices are.

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