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Courts need to be able to enforce their rulings, and for so many of these sites, what these sites do, specifically, is not illegal: they allow people to pass informatoin to each other, and that information (who has what song, etc.) isn't itself illegal. Splitting hairs? Maybe, but it's the law. If I personally allow copyrighted material to be traded to someone else, who should be liable?
It's interesting that with some illegal activities where contraband is involved, like drug trafficing, all parties are guilty; the pusher, the runnuer and the buyer. In counterfit goods here in france, the buyer is held as responsible as the maker (not sure if the penalties are the same).

Even now it's not illegal in the U.S. to download music, but it is illegal to distribute it without the proper permissions.
Not sure what you mean exactly here. Obviously downloading something you've paid for the rights to is not illegal, but I find it interesting that it may not be classified as illegal to download something you don't have the rights to. I personally don't see the difference between that and shoplifting.