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Originally Posted by Syki ➡️
What is an ISDN# and how does one obtain one.....Thanksthumbsup
I'm pretty sure you mean "ISRC," Syki. An ISRC is just like a UPC for an individual song. It's an alphanumeric string of numbers that fist a certain format designed to be a unique identifier for a song.

The first four numbers must be alphabetical: the first two are the country (US) and the next few are the company identifier. The remaining bunch can be anything. They should be unique to the song: the song (or track) will always have that ISRC even if it's on two different albums--but it's not required.

How do you get them? Well, short answer: you get them for free from TuneCore. We provide these at no charge, and they're yours for life. You can use them anywhere you want, even if you don't use or discontinue with TuneCore.

But don't put too much stock in them. Those numbers are used by some tracking services, such as CDDB/Gracenote, AllMusic Guide (AMG) and some charting services. Many digital retailers use them almost like sku numbers, to track movement of songs. iTunes, however, assigns its own internal code for each song, so they're not the be-all and end-all.

Hope that helps!

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