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Peter Wells, SVP Operations, Customer Advocate - Tunecore
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I wonder if this is a question the future will render moot.

That is, the future is bringing MORE choice, not narrowing models down to a single, overarching philosophy. We've had that: there was a time not long ago that the ONLY way music got out there was on hard media (CDs, records, tapes) and broadcast (radio), and that was it! I can't imagine any SINGLE model bmaking everyone happy, and where there is unhappiness there will be competing models and, thus, more options.

Thus even the billing method (ISPs) might never become universal, if for no other reason that direct sales could reduce prices, and thus set up competing methods. Do you want to pay $1.99 for your song on your monthly DSL bill, or $0.99 for the same track purchased through PayPal direct from iTunes? The market will sort this out, and not to a single answer, but a multiplicity.

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