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Originally Posted by Saudade ➡️
How possible/soon is it that recorded music can only be monetized through either advertising/co-branding or a "painless" add-on subscription fee billed via ISPs? Will there be a day when the act of paying to buy music will be a fond memory to us? Can music sharing, to which most account the reluctance to pay for music, be "reigned in" to be positive players in the music industry?
More and more, we're in a world of customization.

Think of a TV show like Lost.
Want to watch it every Thursday night at 8pm for free? OK.
Want to buy a device that will record it Thursday night so you can watch it for free later? OK.
Want to watch it streaming on the network's official website, with ads? OK?
Want to rent the DVD? OK.
Want to buy the DVD? OK.
Want to buy the download from iTunes? OK.

Wherever there are enough people who want something, and a preference for how they want it, we'll find a way to give it to them in a way that seems fair to both.

Will music be monetized through advertising or co-branding? Sure!
Will music be monetized through an add-on billed via ISP? Sure!
Will people still be able to buy music? Of course!

It's not either-or. It's "yes!" to all.