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Originally Posted by aches ➡️
I, as a reviewer, can't expect my audience to EQ. I also haven't done a thorough piece on EQ itself to point to should my readers have questions so to say "here, just fix this this and this with EQ" asking quite a lot of readers who may not know how to (or why).

That being said, I've spent *tons* of time using EQ with MM500. Main thing I enjoy doing for casual listening is lowering that slight 1kHz emphasis. For pro work as I said I usually fill in the 4-5kHz and 8-10kHz areas slightly. Lil bit of bass boost never hurt either

Also yeah, the 500s pads are better for seal and therefore the headphone is a little more thumpy than LCD-5 but yes the imaging and definition suffers slightly.

Also: REMINDER TO ALL: Do not EQ headphones using linear phase!!!! Over-ear headphones are minimum phase devices and as such using linear phase EQ will decouple the relationship between phase and amplitude causing time-domain smear!
Ok…. I’m listening. So no Linear Phase - will try this tomorrow. Can you share your thoughts on EQ points if you don’t mind - 4-5k and 8-10k? Plus low end also if you’re feeling generous