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Each of these has its use case. Will drywall/green glue/drywall provide more isolation than drywall/drywall? yes it will. But it will provide less than 3 drywall layers, which will probably even be cheaper.

The most cost-effective mass is std building materials. The limitations come from the environment you work in. If your floor safely holds the weight of an additional concrete wall? Do it (as a matter of speech). Your floor does not support it? Make multiple layers of drywall. Not enough space for the extra layers? use MLV or green glue. This is in order of higher to lower effectiveness and low to high price :D. In all scenario's, consult your structural engineer before you start enforcing walls.

This is all assuming you have a single leaf environment (mass will be the most important driver for isolation results). Second driver is airtightness; close all gaps and cracks with sealant, baker rod, your favourite silicone etc, as long as it stays flexible over time.

If your requirements go further, then you go mass/air/mass, or room-in-room setups.