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Originally Posted by ionian ➡️
You wanna know something? I've barely used them. The cheap stolen IP rip off neutrik connector really annoys the sh!t out of me to no end that every time I take them out and see it, I just put them back in the case.

I probably should have returned them and if it keeps bothering me, I'll just resell them. Honestly, I'm kind of shocked to see Manny Marroquin attach his name to something that uses cheap chinese stolen IP, but like most people these days, the attitude usually is, "F**k it, I got mine" I'm sure as long as Manny gets his royalty checks every month he probably couldn't give a f**k.

It's embarassing for a product in this price range that Audeze cut corners and cheaped out instead of using a legitmate Neutrik connector. Like I said, it makes you wonder where else Audeze cheaped out. At the very least, if you want to use a generic connector, use one but don't use some stolen IP. It kind of sets the tone for your company and what it stands for.

I know it sounds like I'm overreacting but this kind of stuff really bothers me. And as you can see that I'm really the only one in the thread that's bothered by it, Manny's attitude of "F**k it, I got mine" is generally everyone's attitude. I mean as long as it's not THEIR IP that's getting stolen, most people couldn't give a f**k about anyone else's IP.

But you could bet that anyone in this thread, if they got one of their songs stolen, they'd b!tch endlessly about it.

Anyway, I thought about giving them a try, pulled them out of the case a minute ago, saw the cheap chinese stolen IP neutrik connector and just got annoyed again and put them back in their case so that's why I'm posting.

At this point if I'm still this annoyed by Audeze's sleazy behavior it's probably best to just sell them.
It is my understanding that those are neutrik connectors, owned by neutrik anyway. Just a different subsidiary. They work fine. I have a custom balanced cable with actual neutrik connectors and they both seem of the same quality to me.