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Originally Posted by Doogie Howser ➡️
You've missed the point. This isn't a DSP vs Native argument. UAD is simply offering any new user far more favourable pricing and bundle structures than what they are offering existing user. It is actually the most ruthless across the DSP range. A new UAD DSP user could leave the UAD store today with over 100 new DSP plugins, all the hitsville stuff, all the unison stuff, all the lexicon stuff, all the new UAD instruments, paying just $10 per plugin. If you're an existing user who already owns even just one plugin in that bundle... you are paying a higher price tag... because there is no upgrade price for any existing user.

That is exactly what Avid have been doing for years. And it is exactly the kind of stuff that builds resentment in users. It seems obvious how this is going to pan out. Over the next 12 months there will be a bunch of new stuff added to UAD spark, etc. UAD will then announce the Ultimate 12 bundle with even more plugins for the $1199 price tag, and this years new Ultimate 11 users become existing users who will then get offered a new stereo reverb plugin for a whopping $399. And so on...
Nah, I haven't missed the point. The fact is, in the current marketplace, a lot of the UAD catalog is overvalued and most of those overvalued plugins are not likely to be upgraded/updated which lowers the overall value of the catalog. So they are faced with a choice in figuring out how to unload as much of the "old" catalog that they can. I have a bunch of UAD plugs. Am I going to drop $1200 so I can get the few plugs I want yet so I can also get UAD Shadow Hills, or UAD Softube, or UAD Sonnox? No way in hell. And it doesn't bother me that the rules that applied 10 years ago are not the same today. Markets change and companies have to endure growing pains to figure out what works. I'm going to keep supporting them because they put out consistently great products at launch and have amazing support. That's valuable to me. You are free to, and obviously do, feel otherwise. Change is always complicated and people are going to have an opinion one way or another when that happens. The whole catalog may be cheaper right now but as a UAD user who is not remotely interested in their entire catalog the 3 for 3 sale was perfect for me. Sure it's more than $10 a plug, but I didn't have 1200 to drop and I'm using the plugs I got every day. Plenty of stuff, hardware and software, related to digital recoding is peanuts now compared to when it was released. At least they aren't IK and force legacy customers to pay upgrades when they offer new features or change the algorithm.