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note: if you buy 5/8" fire rated drywall (or other dimension - fire rated - some countries have up to 1 1/4"), you'll generally get a better density than regular drywall, or without the "magic" implied by "acoustics rated".

note: some "acoustics rated" drywall products mix in a damping agent which can improve its isolation characteristics - however you'd be wise to compare their [professionally] tested and published ratings (such as found in [professionally] tested and published assemblies) for that product, versus another type of damping, such as viscoelastic dampers (e.g. Green Glue), MLV, etc. in their [professionally] tested and published assemblies.

however, for general purposes, the 5/8" (15-16mm) "fire rated" (e.g. Type-X) drywall is a good first choice for readily found and cost-effective mass when building framed wall and ceiling assemblies.