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Originally Posted by Universal Audio ➡️
Did you previously do the Spark trial?

The .99 promo is for brand new users only.
I'm not sure.. I seem to recall there being "birth pains" with regards to Spark, iLok authorizations were not going through, plugins were not showing up, and IIRC one proposed fix on this board was to activate the Spark trial to get the auth servers to issue me the UADx licences I already owned (I owned all the UADx plugins that were originally released in Spark except for the synths). So, thinking back, I suppose it's possible I activated the trial out of desperation back then...

I did not ever use Spark trial as intended, if that is what you are asking.. Would be mighty ironic if I screwed up my chance for this trial just because I wanted to try to fix the auth issues of the Spark launch