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Originally Posted by jm2c ➡️
I've decided to take the 3 month Spark subscription deal, mainly in order to have a 3 month trial period of Hitsville Chambers.. but now I am unable to subscribe?

Whenever I try to susbcribe, I am taken to a blank page that says "1. Get Started" .. no way to proceed. I have tried using different browsers, heck even tried using a PC just now, and same result on every machine I try..

Halp pls?
I had the same "blank page" issues when I subscribed. Contact their support directly. They will work it out for you.

And if you get any emails from them which are also blank - that happened to me as well - contact them through their web site to let them know. It's a few extra hoops for you to jump through, but they will take care of you. At least, they did me.