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Originally Posted by Ace'Lo ➡️
Been common with em. I just move it around a bit and switch the polarity back and forth until it stops. If you find anything let me know.
Okay good thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy.

Btw have you tried using an XLR cable with grounded shells? If not, Read on below…

I mind had a really bad ground hum that would appear anytime I touched the mesh grill.

I was almost going to send it in to Sony immediately for repair. Even filled out a repair ticket.

I had been using mogami gold xlr cables and also pro co cables from sweetwater and LiveWire elite cables from guitar center. Had ground hum on all of them.

I made a post in the high end forum prior to my comment here and someone gave me the advice to ground an XLR cable to the shell. I assumed they meant only at the microphone end but they meant both ends.

I do have a soldering iron so I opened up the connectors on my cables and saw that none of my cables have pin 4 (the connector shell) connected to the ground wire.

Seems like there’s no industry standard on using pin4 for ground or not. I double checked the C100 manual and sure enough it said to use a cable that has grounded shells.

So… that makes me wonder if this is actually just a symptom of using cables without grounded shells, or cables that aren’t up to Sony’s specs for the mic!

Unfortunately I don’t have any copper wire to solder them up myself and check but I did call redco and special order a cable with grounded shells. I asked them to ground both end shells.

I am going to try and get some copper wire in the meantime and experiment with grounding just the female shell that goes to the mic as well