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Originally Posted by HOUSEGLUE ➡️
I already have them all ......bought the premium version many years ago (when UAD was born) then I bought all the plugins separately over the years .....but I always have to wait 6 months / a year before finding an acceptable offer to buy plugins interesting new releases ...we need some offers looking at customer history these bundles of 3 or 6 plugins I buy the plugins I have again ????? even the offers that are in my account to buy the complete bundle speak of over 3000 euros but I already have them all (I'm just missing a few Sonnox and softube plugins because I've already bought them natively from them)

I used to frequent UADforums as well, back in the day, and this was a topic which was frequently discussed even then. UAD has a long time history of prioritizing new or somewhat new customers in many of their offers. It would be nice if this was addressed somehow, but not sure if anything is going to change in that regard.. been the SOP for ages