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Originally Posted by studer58 ➡️
Tell us what you have planned as your main/overall front-line miking for this concert ?
I hadn't seen that version of it. Interestingly, I couldn't see any mics in the video at all, and definitely no marimba spots.

We've been making an effort to reduce the number of stands on stage while still giving the recording more of a live feeling than an intimate "studio" sound, so the past few concerts I've opted for a kind of modified "Other Faulkner" array, with a pair of ORTF 8040's in the center and CMC65's in omni at 67cm on the outside of a single bar behind the conductor at about 12' high. I've been pretty happy with this so far. The 8040's have great reach and focus for the winds, brass and center strings, while the slightly wider Schoeps (wider than several of the other four-mic arrays) give the desired width and ambience with some emphasis on the first violins and cellos. So yes, the marimba will be prominent in the front array, and left-heavy—which is okay since that's where she'll be. Again, I don't expect to need much from the marimba spots, maybe riding them a bit during the extremely quite parts of the cadenzas. I always use some parallel compression in the mixes to pull up the soft sections anyway, since these recordings often end up broadcast on PBS affiliates.