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Here for the gear
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Seems lots of folks totally missed his point. Either they did not watch it or he made them so defensive they stopped listening.

The only thing he’s saying is that some things affect tone a lot and some things less so or not at all. He’s upfront with the fact it’s just his home made tests that you take at face value and he never claims any objective truth.

Pickups, amount of gain, shape and size of cab; all these things make a big difference. But some things that people sweat over, like guitar finish have little or no influence.

Of course any change makes some kind of difference. And even minuscule differences taken together can impact tone. BUT, and that’s the point, if the amount of gain you feed you amp makes 75% of the character and the fabric of grill cloth makes 0.05%, wise people will spend their time improving playing technique rather than chasing down a rare piece of equipment.

The music industry is so full of superstition and snake oil peddlers it seems like the middle ages at times. He’s a gigging musician and I guess he just wanted to ask the question if he really needs to haul around fifty different guitars and amps. To many people, judging from the popularity, his answer was a liberating one. But I guess to a small number of elitist snobs it was like a kick in the balls.

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