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Originally Posted by kennybro ➡️
OK, cool. What would you think is a broad point that he's making? Not saying there is not one. I just didn't catch it. Is it that there's very little difference between guitar amp sounds, if you adjust the controls?

One thing that confuses me about these videos is they always lean on distorted tones. Distorted tones tend to be similar, because square, clipped waves are square clipped waves. Not the same, but similar. I hear guitar amp tone when I'm running an amp as clean as it can possibly be.

And in that situation, the guitar is probably 50% of the tone (of course speaker and cabinet size make a huge difference). Also, the player makes a huge part of the tone when playing clean. You can hear pick differences, fingers in the mix, dynamics of one string to another, all the stuff that gets buried with overdrive. When in OD, the guitarist plays a smaller and smaller part in creating the tone, as the OD gets more severe.
Actually, it doesn't confuse me at all. They use distorted tones because it helps them make their "point". Whereas clean tones would expose their fallacies.