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Old 7th November 2022
Originally Posted by John Eppstein ➡️
It's too bad that YooToob doesn't have rules against misinformation.
Yeah... can't really do that. Too much subjectivity in this stuff. IDK if this is misinformation as much as superfluous information. Just not sure what anyone is suppose to do with this.
I mean... He didn't know that not all bass mid and treble knobs do the same thing? Seriously? If he doesn't already know that, and know what the specific tone knobs do on the amps he uses, is he qualified to be making a video like this? It's like...

"Hey Guys! I'm going to make a video about why guitars sound like they do. And you know what! I just discovered that if I roll down that knob labeled "TONE" the guitar sound gets... like IDK... Darker! Follow me for more tips!"

OK, that's just one example, but I watched the whole video, and so much of it hit me like this. Like, No $#!t Sherlock! And at times he sounded like a Tucker Carlson commentary... And what it... and what if, etc...

Also, I can't shake the feeling that this is a precursor to a video of his selling a much slicker and cleaned up version of that thing he made; the box with the pedals in it. This all feels like marketing to me. Like WOW... dude hears only a one to five percent difference between all the amps, but when he patches in that thing he made (remember, he's caveman guitarist) it's an 80% difference. OK. Whatever. Am I the only one who smells this. Maybe I'm jaded, IDK.

Alright, I had my say. Off the soapbox.