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Originally Posted by loziodavid ➡️
What you say is right, having certain capacitors rather than others changes the sound of an amp.
However, that video is about even more macroscopic differences which, in practice, would be irrelevant. A transistor rectification that sounds like a tube rectification? EL84s that sound like 6V6s? 12AX7 sounding like EF86? For real?

That guy is clearly looking for popularity, and he realized that a good way to get it is to speak bad of gear using the myth busting technique.
The wood of the guitars does not matter (video of the air-guitar), the topology of an amp does not matter... maybe in the next episode he will explain that between a Tubescream, a RAT, a fuzzface and a tonebender there's no difference. They all sound the same and whoever buys all these pedals, is a victim of self-suggestion and marketing.
Except that the real Mythbusters always did everything possible to guarantee the integrity of their date, despite what their pre-existing ideas might have been.

And yes, the guy is obviously pimping for popularity, which obliterates any possibility of impartiality.