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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe ➡️
Can't be, that anyone finds out, that the things are not so mysterious as they are made to believe. Especially when Mr. Epstein must fear, that his position of universal wisdom and know-it-all is in danger. Mr. Epstein still needs to be the keeper of all mysteries regarding guitars and amps. Nobody is allowed to question that. Mr. Epstein, for the question discussed it's irrelevant if someone can solder or not. I can, so I am entitled to tell you that. And it's of no interest that you can name so and so many different types of resistors. Mr. Epstein, work a little bit on your self-esteem, so that you don't need to beg here always and every time for attention.

So... how long are guitarists willing to let them be fooled by con artists and BS-propagandists? Hm. Not my problem.

That dude with his series of videos is spot on. And Mr. Epstein is... well, Mr. Epstein. And that is not enough.
Why should I listen to a guy who can't even spell my name?

BTW, you are in violation of the site rule against personal attacks. Do you have anything FACTUAL to say?