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Originally Posted by vincentvangogo ➡️
I'm just a performer I don't know anything about circuits, but did you actually watch the video? Seems to me he did quite a bit of that.
I don't think you quite understood what I meant. That guy couldn't do what I was talking about.

1.) he's not a solder jockey

2.) He doesn't know enough (anything) about the fine differences between different types of components - like the difference between different types of resistors. Not only things like the difference between carbon, carbon film, metal film, wirewound, etc but also things like the different ways the leads can be attached. The differences are rather subtle, but they're cumulative, and can maker the difference between an average amp and one with "magical tone" (for lack of a better term). Even two amps built from the SAME parts can sound and perform totally different if the physical layout of the circuit is different.