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Bottom Line - Everything matters and as a collective of influences. It is possible to "swamp" others since each effective component is by degrees. For example, turn a distortion pedal gain up far enough and little else will matter... place a blanket over your speaker and turning up Treble will have little or no effect. Specific to just power tubes, it is quite easy to swap out numerous power tubes like 6V6, 5881, 6L6, 7027A, 6550, and with just one wiring change at the socket on many 6V6/6L6 commercial amps, 6CA7s and EL34s. They ALL sound and feel different... how much different depends on the levels they are driven to. Preamp cranked, Master on 1-2, not much... Preamp on 3-4, Master above 5, a LOT!

I don't know what this guy is hoping to sell but it isn't expertise.