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Originally Posted by igglebiggle ➡️
Yes, it has flash memory on board, and that’s where you’d save your project prior to turning off. Silly question, but are you definitely saving it? If you don’t specifically do that, it will be lost when you shut down the KSP. Have you tried saving into different project slots?
To tell the truth , i don't master the project thing so this might be a user error , it's so convolutaed in that aspect ...

Can't rename project , i created one in center , put it in project 1 on unit and it's still called project 1 (Arturia must step up their game in some areas , but so far a lovely unit !!)

the copy project thing is a shame also lol (inrcremental) and i mstill learning how to link midi set up to projects (basically i just want to do templates ....)

Question if you don't mind seems you seems helpful :

1) Is there a way to lower the velocity of a particualr pattern (for exemple lower velocity relatively of all my HH pattern ) ?

2) A way to change time division for only a pattern in drum mode (having Kick on 1/16 and HH in 1/32 for exemple ) ?

3) No way in control mode to have the keys playing a particular MIDI channel (to control a 5 track in daw for exemple) without having to use one channel on the KSP channels (1-4) ?

4) Copy / paste : step availlable .? (sorry for this one but just got this babay 2 dayz ago , but crazy how intuitive and fast it is to jam , it's non logicla only on some operations ....for exemple i would asume that pressing Track one and lower Velocity at same time would lower the whole track velocity : nope (same with pattern)....ect ..some stuff used to be logical in maschine ect ..

Thks a lot

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