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Originally Posted by cheu78 ➡️
Mind you, I’ve heard the MK1 models.
The difference is not huge imho..
there’s a little bit more lowend (a tad more extension) and more SPL avalaible on the 30 as to be expected..
If the room is not big the 20 will do well.

I can imagine it is probably the same with the mk2, but I never heard them side by side.

I've heard them both, I own a pair of the Type 20 MK1's. Love them by the way. Great build quality.

Apart from a few handy technical additions, although I was tempted, I really didn't see any point in upgrading to the MK2's. Was also nervous about support TBH since they dropped it, without a word, for their Lineariser plugin for the MK1's, refusing to answer any questions about it since. Been a few years now, pretty poor for a new brand that needs to build trust. I'll likely move onto another brand when the time comes.

The Type 30's both MK1 and MK2 as others have already said give you a little more in the low end but depending on the size of your room, the Type 20's are more than capable.