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Originally Posted by synthesizeme ➡️
Imagine getting a bunch of really smart people together and using bleeding edge technology and your goal is to put artists and musicians out of business? Why not automate jobs that are dangerous or build better creative tools for artists? What is the ethical justification for even pursuing this line of research at all.
They're automating everything, music is just a very small slice. People have been losing jobs to automation since the industrial revolution, dangerous jobs have been replaced by automation for over a century.

By 2030 its expected that 800 million jobs will be replaced by automation. So its not like musicians are being targeted. Its that the tech is finally approaching the ability to effectively automate music making, just one of a long list of jobs being displaced.

The ethics would be argued the other way. . . is it ethical to artificially constrain technological advances to preserve jobs that are effectively outdated and unnecessary? Those who lose jobs have been complaining of this since the invention of the assembly line, but that's more about self-preservation than anything, which isn't exactly an ethical reason to shut things down for others.