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The solution would be a Butlerian Jihad...
"Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind"

Joke apart, most released music today is already made by people that look and behave like AI. Listen to most trailer music or film music : it's always the same shit, the same sounds, the same structure.
EDM and urban music suffer from the same problem : most songs are just a good copy of the last year's hit.
In the movie industry, most blockbusters now look like a good compilation of a scenarist brainstorming, made by the head of the marketing department of Starbuck...

Capitalism already transformed the whole world into a plastic reproduction of life (or a war zone, depending on where you live).

So yes, in this field of commercial stupid music, IA will take the jobs of the humans because they already work like computers, but in a worst way.

But IA is only able to copy or combine existing stuff, not to create something with any deep meaning.
How could an IA create something like the Rite of Spring, Sufjan Stevens' Carrie & Lowell or John Coltrane's Love Supreme ?
It's not possible, because to create such music you need to be a living being, you need to have a life and speak about this life in your art. AI is just a "combinator" of previous pieces of music made by humans.
So maybe it will be able to mimic Stravinsky just like Berstein did mimic Stravinsky's music in the 50's, but not much more (listen to the Rite of Spring, first performed in 1913, and then some West Side Story instrumentals from 1957)...

So in some way, maybe AI will just make the music business a bit cleaner...