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Originally Posted by nitrateaudio ➡️

What is there to discuss? The problem with music, and the creative arts across the board isn't lack on content. Its lack of money to go around. There are1,000s and 1,000s of talented and creative people making and releasing music every single day. They just can't get paid for it. What can AI bring to the table as a solution to this problem? Nothing.
Well, no one is owed a living, much less a living doing art.

Getting paid for recorded music was just a tiny "blip" in the history of our species. An accidental confluence of the technology tying the music to a physical object. That's gone now, without AI having anything at all to do with it.

AI will eventually "solve" the problem of musicians having to pay for engineering services, right? Meaning they get to keep a little bit more of their pittance. Right about the time it "solves" the problem of shows and venues and movies having to pay for background music. An entertainment industry looking for ways to spend even less money on 'product' will gravitate towards AI as a solution.

But In this regard, Music is no different from everything else! There will come a time when very few humans will have any meaningful Work to do. They will all need to find a hobby to occupy themselves.

May I suggest music?