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Originally Posted by Method Man ➡️
This piano looking beautiful!!! I wish I never stopped learning piano when I was 14........... now I can just play chords and do songwriting with it.. should have listened to my mother... hehe......
Doesn't it ? I like the plain design understatement to it's sound.

"Also I wonder if all upright piano can be front-bracket removable...? just like how engineers record stereo piano with micing...? or do you force-remove it...? I wonder..? "

Maybe not on all models, but with Zeitter it's easy: open the top lid, loose two clips and you can take off the front. You can also remove the lower front plate easily.

So you are in Europe ?
Here's two Zeitters that *could* be ok, from german ebay classified ads:

495 Euro:

230 Euro:**7871-74-8165

Both seem in good shape for their age, like taken care of and not played too much. They're missing a felt damper (3rd pedal) though.

If you wanna risk buying without playing one first (i did, but totally don't recommend it ), you could set up a transport via, if they're in your country.