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Lots of good input, would put in +1 on Charles Walter upright if you can find one, not so famous as a brand but very good. Agree also with Baldwin, brand was destroyed by Gibson. Most home pianos have not been maintained, so patience is key to avoid PSOs (piano shaped objects). Yamahas are most plentiful - you'll have to decide if you like that bright sound or not, although some might be less bright.

I'm probably giving my 5'8" 1921 Baldwin grand away to a family member. They'll have to move it and fix the pedals coming off during the move (obviously needs repair, just hadn't bothered). It was rebuilt in 1983, needs another rebuild although totally playable and I sometimes use it to practice before playing in someone's home on their typical poorly maintained piano. Case looks great, holds tuning surprisingly well, but hammers are shot and action is worn but playable. A proper rebuild would be $20-25K and the piano would then be worth I guess about $10-12K best case, so not doing it. Anyway, the point is, who knows what you might find out there where someone realizes how piano economics works and just mostly want to get a piano out of their house. The hardest thing will be to filter out the nice furniture from the pianos, with owners who think their nice looking but broken down piano has to be worth more than $500.
Sadly! I am not buying used in US..! I have just searched:

Most of them even used, around 800USD? upright 2nd hand.. hehe.. slightly over my budget.
I am looking 500usd used max but! but! I will keep on searching here Thanks for all your input!! much appreciated! hope I get better at keys too!

Also I wonder if all upright piano can be front-bracket removable...? just like how engineers record stereo piano with micing...? or do you force-remove it...? I wonder..?