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Originally Posted by zone12 ➡️
It is enough to bybass this filter to record the dirty signal?
Actually no.
Referring to the block diagrams in the service manual the filtering happens prior to the SAR. The MF6CN is a 36 db/oct with a corner frequency set by the CPU depending on the chosen sampling rate. After this is a fixed 12db/oct filter with a 18khz cutoff. Bypassing these filters won’t achieve the same effect. I modded a Yamaha R100 in this same manner, bypassing the filters in front of the SAR, and it’s a very different sounding result. As the input signal gets higher the high end becomes more distorted and trashy until eventually it becomes glitchy static. And that happens quickly and uncontrollably with peaky sources like drum loops. It isn’t musically useful glitches unless that’s what you’re aiming for.
Keep in mind this output we’re tapping in the S900 is technically the error correction feedback for the SAR. Looking at the schematics I don’t see a safe way to actually redirect this for recording because it’s being derived from the “recording process” itself.

Just sample it with another sampler.