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I got a Walter upright secondhand here in Nashville about 5 years ago and while it settled into tuning under the care of one of Nashville's many, many piano tuners, it sounded really thuddy in the bass. So my tuner - Brent Arledge - suggested we restring the bass strings.

It was a serious undertaking and pretty fascinating to watch. He came in with a 100 year old dolly that he used to tilt the upright on its back, and he got to work. It was a one-man job for somebody as experienced as Brent. He's a second-generation piano tuner here in town.

That sort of reset the clock on the piano settling in, so after a few months it was back in operation with a new bright sparkling tone in the bass register. My piano had a new lease on life!

All this to say, if you have a piano tuner who knows what he or she is doing, maintenance counts for a lot.