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Originally Posted by hello people ➡️
Don't forget tuning can take several sessions and isn't exactly cheap. From what I've seen, there always seems to be a steady stream of people basically giving pianos away. Lots of them need plenty of tuning. But you can find ones that don't, or that might only need a single tune. Someone charging $500 for a piano that will need sessions of tuning might not be a great buy. Unless it's a great piano. Anyway, what I'm saying is...if you're not a pianist or a fluid player and just want a real piano to record that'll sound ok...there should be lots of options out there starting at $0. I'm buying (or not buying) one for a brother this weekend.
Exactly you got it right! I am planning on experiment with it! I have multiple mics so, micing it would be fun too! um, you are right it will take weeks to practice parts but I am driven to record the real piano sound It is just what I always wanted.. VSTis and sample libraries are so so amazing now but I just want some other color plus it is not too pricy! I want all of that honki-ness haha.. (not too honky please hehe)

Right.. tuning can be a b-tch.. I will definitely check on its condition.