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Originally Posted by ScottA2A ➡️
The fact the P12’s oscillators send an analog signal through analog filters, means no digital artifacts. The Prophet 12 sounds almost indistiguishable to both the original Prophet 5 and Rev 4 and Prophet 08.

4. Keyboard. This also applies to the new Prophet 10 Rev4. The keys have great feel and are second to none. The hydrasynth keys are light with a heavier spring pressure. They aren’t bad, but just not in the same league as the Prophet 12.
These two points are fascinating to me. The P12 oscillators sound way more muted to me than the Prophet 5 REV4 which I also own, as I understand it, it is to prevent aliasing. Some things can be done to open it up more, but I find that doing so makes it sound much more harsh and distorted and not very pleasing. I made a review (here) which shows what I'm talking about, you can see the higher frequencies cut off after 15 kHz. Someone mentioned to me that there's a brightness CC in the manual, but I don't think that will actually increase this. The comparison, however, was the Poly Evolver on my review, not the Prophet 5/10, although I find the Poly Evolver and P10 sound very similar in this regard.

As for the keyboard - I also find the Prophet 10 REV4 keybed to be far superior to the Prophet 12 (and my understanding was many people agreed with that assessment, that the P12 keybed is not very good). I think there are even threads about people wishing Sequential/DSI would offer a better keybed. See here, here, and here. And then the discussions regarding the velocity response being not very good on the P12 (here and here).

That must mean that either you can't detect any differences in the P10 versus P12 keybeds (I'm not judging you if that's the case!), the P12 keybed you have is better than mine (possible?), or your P5/10 keybed is worse than mine. Finally, I have to wonder how bad the Hydrasynth keybed is if you find the P12 keybed to be better, as I have been interested in the Hydrasynth for some time, to get the poly aftertouch.