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Originally Posted by zone12 ➡️
Ok thanks. Do you recommend anything specyfic? I found 3 bipolar capacitors on your scheme. I don’t know where the 2 additional electrolytic capacitors are to be connected and what their capacity. Are electrolytes also bipolar? Could you help me? Your mod is fantastic!
There are two NP electrolytic caps which are the input and output blocking capacitors in the audio path. The value isn’t critical, I chose 47uf because I had them on hand. The higher the capacity here the lower the corner frequency of the high pass filter these caps create.

Inside the feedback loop around the opamp is a 100pf poly type cap for stabilization.
There’s also two 0.1uf monolithic ceramic capacitors between the supply pins of the opamp and ground for local bypass.
None of the values or types of these 3 are critical and can be substituted with the closest replacements on hand.