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At 16 yrs old I started tracking/mixing in my Dad’s studio on JBL 4320’s powered by a pair of McIntosh MC75 monoblocks, when I was 18 I moved into the mastering room working on a pair of Westlake TM1’s (one of the 1st six, hand-built original pairs) powered by Crown amps.

I’m over 60 now and setup a small mix rig with a pair of original Bowers & Wilkins DM603 S2’s powered by bridged pairs of a McIntosh MC7600 (325W/ch into 8 ohms) and a pair of no-name 4-ohm, 15” ported subs powered by a Hafler P7000 “Diablo” amp (500W/ch into 4-ohms) crossed over at 150Hz. These are in more of a mid-field setup around a base D-Command with an Avid Omni as my D/A. Most detailed monitor environment I’ve ever heard, I hear things in mixes and on CDs I’ve never noticed before. Doubt seriously if I have more than $2.5K in these total as all components were 2nd hand but in exceptional shape when I bought them. I also have a pair of Dynaudio BM5 Mk III for nearfields which I really like. Quality doesn’t have to cost a ton, but be open minded to listen and experiment if need be.

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