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Originally Posted by orange ➡️
I think it's worth reading this thread to see how 'golden' Terrysound's ears are.

Neumann U67 reissue capsule update (August 18th 2022)

He/she can hear the difference between audio recorded on SSD vs HardDrive.

With that kind of bionic hearing he/she can obviously hear things that are invisible to ordinary ears (or science)

Personally I'd be really interested in hearing some of the amazing things that Terrysound had recorded. It would help give context to his/her valuable contribution ? I, for one, am 100% certain that Terrysound isn't a tolling idiot who wouldn't know the sound of a decent recording if they were slapped around the face with it

BTW there is an ignore function on the forum.
I'm pretty sure Terrysound is an on purpose comedy act. No one says things that funny or acts that stupid in real life.